TEXAS KING Restaurant & Meat

“We are located in the heart of DFW area in irving, TX. Texas king is a full service restaurant for all your desi Food needs.( Dine in, To-Go, Catering, Delivery ).

Texas king is a Supermarket which provide FRESH HALAL MEAT and all desi grocery. We serve Halal PIZZA and all desi snacks. We are committed to bring you the best taste and quality.”

The finest authentic cuisines from LAHORE, based in the heart of DALLAS which was founded by Mr. KHAWAR ABBAS. LAHORE is a festive city of food and traditional ancient culture. Our specialty is not only limited to Lahori Cuisines but we also cater to Indian, Bangladeshi Events. “TASTE OF LAHORE” comprises specialty dishes signifying royalty and mystical, Explore the ultimate dining experience with a fine menu selection of appetizers, main course, desserts. Where we serve 100% Zabiha Halal food.

Where every flavor tells a story

Taste of lahore

Let us make you feel the true culture and ambiance of Lahore by our
mouthwatering authentic cuisine with our experienced team in the
fascinating world of “ TASTE OF LAHORE” and ensure a truly
memorable experience.

All Meat is Halal

Alcohol - Free

Catering Available